Monday, 29 May 2017

Old Navy and the Outdoors

Hello, konnichiwa sweet friends!

I'm going to keep today's (May 29's) post brief because I've got the laptop outside on our balcony. That's because of one of Noah Scalin's getting "Unstuck" recommendations - if you get the book, it's the one called 'Inside Out'.

The battery here (on the laptop) will only give me a couple of hours, plus I'm terrified of the wasps. We do have a paper nest to deter them, plus 2 Citronella candles lit and Off with DEET sprayed on our balcony items.

Anyway I digress.

Today's #kawaii365 project is a little bit different. Instead of a digital drawing or a clay cutie, it's my new $5 tank top from Old Navy (formerly $19.94 and on a hella good sale). I found it in coral, my favorite fashion color along with mint green.

Then I took the fabric markers my mum gave me for Christmas and gave this shirt a gentle, romantic face expression. (the breeze has picked up. I can smell those candles now, the wind chimes sing a gentle song as the kids in the distance play basketball).

As an added bonus - to feel more 'kawaii' cute today, I found our ice cream scented bubble blower, so here is a toast to the beginning of summertime fun:

And if you're wondering what those symbols are that I wrote on the tank top, it's Japanese Kanji for 'Kawaii 365'. That's about all I know how to write so far 😄

Sayonara! xoxo

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Carnival Fair at Parkland Mall

Today is the last day of the fair at one of the malls here in Red Deer. Rob actually pointed it out to me on Friday afternoon and, realizing it was here for a few days, we decided to come back.

And it's a good thing we did. I had noticed one of the games, a balloon-popper one, had a bunch of Hello Kitties on display for the middle prizes. It took some money and a few tries, but Rob won her for me!

And we decided to name her 'Michael' after the name of the company that was running the travelling fair grounds. If anyone thinks that's odd, remember this blog is written by a female named Daryl ^_^

And so, being inspired by all the fun, colorful ambiance (and the awesome neon 80s dress on our new Hello Kitty) I decided today's #Kawaii365 project would be:

A ferris wheel!

Though we're not brave enough to go on one anymore (we've seen the seats too easily disassembled at their point on the wheel), they still make a wonderful artists' muse.

So be kind to one another and have an awesome beginning to a new week! xoxo

Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Summer Evening Walk

It is 9:35pm and still light out, which is a good thing. A very good thing, actually. Rob & I recently got in from a much-needed and very pleasant evening walk.

We moved into this suburban neighbourhood in late 2015, and now, in near mid-2017, we've decided to explore our surroundings a bit more. I recently learned that we're within 20 minutes' walking distance to the Dairy Queen. We already knew of it's existence, and tonight was the first time we've walked there and back. It gave us an opportunity to get to know this neighbourhood better, to encounter kids on bikes and people walking dogs. We got to feel the sun on our skin, the breeze in our hair and smell the flowers (pleasant even through allergies).

Then we got to DQ and enjoyed some ice cream together on this warm summer evening. Afterward, we did some more wandering, stopped in briefly at the local arena to re-load a public transit pass and then sit to watch the ice rink for awhile before continuing on a fascinating and romantic journey around our neighbourhood together.

This 2+ hours with just the two of us, no technology or other distractions, was much-needed and especially after the recent medical ordeal! As I type this shortly before bed, I hear birds singing their evening song in the trees. Perhaps they are telling bedtime stories to their young...

Friday, 26 May 2017

Triple Feature Kawaii (⊙ω⊙✿)

Konnichiwa everyone!

As you can tell, over the past few weeks I have let down the regular readers with the Feature Fridays. Mainly it's been due to travelling to see family, busy weekend work schedules, and [almost] health concerns. But you guys matter a lot because you take the time out of an otherwise busy day to show some love here. Thank you xo

First up we have the very versatile N.C. Whitehead (as she prefers to be called), who has single-handedly run 3 very diverse blogs - and of course my favorite is her blog called Beyond Kawaii.

Beyond Kawaii

Primarily her cute blog focuses on J-fashion, Lolita and borderline Harajuku with pink wigs, pastel tights, and frilly dresses with kawaii accessories. Although her last known post was March 22 of last year (she's a very busy person!) her blog is still super adorbs!

If you are just starting out with your kawaii style (any gender and age is welcome), then this is one of the better blogs for getting your style on!

And next up we have My Milk Toof, which is a blog about a fantasy scenario of what may happen to our baby teeth after the tooth fairy collects them. I just couldn't resist including this one because it's so quirky, funny and cute!


This artist, Inhae Lee from California, is not only great at telling stories and giving life to her childhood 'teef' (teeth with a cute kid accent), but she creates wonderful photo scenarios of the 2 teeth named 'ickle' and 'Lardee'. Enjoy!


And last but not least, we have the popular (and sooooo kawaii!) PastelBunBun.

She's known for lots of stuff on the internet already, from selling cute charms and commissioned artwork. She is most known for her avatar with the very distinctive hair pattern:

PictureA star and pink bunny on one of her 'buns', and the other hair bun has 2 hearts as barrettes. No matter the style of kawaii drawing, this avatar appears with the same hair style which is majorly loveable and charming!

In case you're wondering, the cutie behind this site is a young woman named Anna Stoll, and she hails from Michigan. And speaking of teeth (as per the feature above), currently Anna is raising money for a new smile. Well, like me, she has what a lot of people like to call 'snaggle teeth' (that actually sounds cute). This led to a gum/tooth infection which requires a root canal (so sorry Anna!) and so she is asking for us, her new friends, to help with that.

You can find her Go Fund Me page here: Please Help Heal & Save My Smile

Lots of love to you all xoxo

How Coffee Almost Killed Me

Hello sweet friends, thank you for being here right now. As you know, this morning was day 2 at the hospital and thankfully, everything is good again now with my health.

I went in this morning for an ultra sound (after lots of water, of course!) following some tests yesterday for everything from uterine fibroids to hemophiliac issues. On Wednesday evening, I had lost a lot of blood and became very light-headed and dizzy, which led to going to the ER on Thursday.

During the 2 days' of hospital visits and discussions with a variety of awesome nurses, doctors and technicians - it's been confirmed what my husband was saying: cut back on the caffeine. I was going through some career stresses, which was leading me to drinking on average 3 cups of coffee per day. I knew that I shouldn't have been doing this during a 'lady cycle' because it increases cramping pain, but I paid no thought to the fact of bleeding during heightened blood pressure.

Rob literally saved my life

If it weren't for his response when I told him what happened [in the bathroom after a hot bath made me bleed profusely], I may not still be around. I really don't know what the outcome would be if I hadn't taken action on his advice to go to the ER and not a walk-in clinic (or do nothing at all). And being the best husband ever, he forbade me from drinking so much coffee everyday because - along with the anxiety - it was increasing my blood pressure and causing real problems. Since that conversation, I've only had 1 iced coffee within the past 4 days. And I'm getting better.

**I apologize if this image offends you, but please note it's just medical science and part of the human body, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you for enjoying today's #Kawaii365 project:

I drew this image of my own womb after the scary incident, and all the mixed emotions and medical procedures that followed. It's pencil, ink and pencil crayons (colored pencils).

Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Day in the Hospital

Hello, good evening. I'm going to keep this fairly short because, due to a uterine problem (the joy of being a woman!) I lost a bit too much blood and had to go to the ER.

They ran a batch of tests and gave me a coagulant medication to help, and everyone was really nice at the hospital. While laying in the gurney bed in that blue gown (that ties in the back), my life started flashing before my eyes. It is just amazing how much we all take life for granted. If you aren't working your dream job, dating or married to your dream partner, or enjoying your favorite hobbies - you need to make that change now, not later.

If you're not saying I love you to your beau, your family, your friends, and your pets every day - change that now! This medical ordeal has reminded me that anyone's life can be shortened. I'm only 29. Anyway,  want you all to know: I love you!

There's a story to the above #Kawaii365 picture. I didn't draw it today - the inspirational book 'Unstuck' (by Noah Scalin) happened to have a creativity activity to do with thought bubbles. Here in Red Deer, leaving stickers on things is vandalism and results in fines.

So as a kawaii fan and artist, I did the next best thing and filled in the blank ones with some mock characters. If I made a manga graphic novel, the characters would have these general traits in their style, personality and expressions.

Although I drew this several weeks ago, I never dated it. And I took this book to the ER with me for something interesting to read while I waited - then I saw this and after everything today, I'm not in the right level of energy to make one. So this was happenstance.

Love you all! xoxo

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hello Kitty with Glasses

Hello all - today's Review Wednesday (okay, tonight's) is about two new Hello Kitty plushies that Rob & I found at Value Village together. I have tried to cut back on my collecting them (budget, you know) but these two are special because...

They look like me! I even teased Rob that we should name them after me and raise them as our daughters.

I know this isn't really a 'typical' Review Wednesday where I post a video, but today has been pretty busy and videos take well, on average about 3 hours of prepping, filming and re-takes, then editing and sharing. So because I am writing another book for my Etsy shop, job searching and doing projects for clients via Fiverr and Freelancer, I just don't have 3 hours to make a 4 minute video.

One thing I did have time for though, was this Buzzfeed Quiz about tape.

This was my result - I already knew the answer because, I made it haha. What's yours?

And I tricked you with it in a way, because it's also the May 24 #Kawaii365 project. Have a good night! ^_^