Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Cancer the Crab Horoscope

Cancer (June 21-July 22) – Hello gentle Cancer crab. First of all, I’d like to express sympathy for the unfortunate name of your zodiac sign. It’s actually older than the diagnosed disease with the same name (so rest assured you're not named after an illness). Although you can be moody sometimes, you’re very seldom actually ‘crabby’. If anything, when someone makes you feel hurt, you retreat – emotionally and physically – so you can work on some necessary self-healing.

Cancers tend to have lots of friends and romantic suitors, because they’re drawn to your sensitive nature. You're also among the very best-looking and alluring signs of the zodiac. They either desire to dote on you, or they want you to take care of them because they sense nurturing is in your nature. It may be tempting to care for every lover who comes into your life, but a genuinely sweet person like you should save it for a person who is truly worthy of your love – someone who gives you the respect you deserve. Your one true love will be very lucky to have such a romantic and intuitive partner.

You may have been kind of shy since childhood, for fear of being teased, having hurt feelings or worse – becoming a public outcast! While some signs like Aquarius couldn’t care less what others think of them, cute crab people tend to live for praise and love from those they’re close to. Having a genuine bond means the world, because it just does. So with that being said, because you know how hurtful words can be, you are the least likely to intentionally cause someone those feelings – unless they really messed with your heart first.

Emotional cancers make very agreeable employees in most jobs, but fast food and retail are probably best to steer clear of because, customers. These jobs tend to create high-stress and awkward situations. You are very well-suited to working with animals, seniors, and children because your caring is from a genuine place in your heart 💗

Best sign compatibility: Sensitive souls like Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo.

Celebs who share your sign: The late and great Robin Williams, Solange Knowles, Tom Hanks.

Colors associated with you: Pastel shades and icy metallic – blue, silver, lilac.

Best idea for a pet: Something soft and sweet, like an angora rabbit.

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Why A Blogger Should Post Regularly

9 Reasons I Should've Done This Sooner

Hello sweet friends,

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for your patience right now. (the stats of this blog show that, despite my lack of activity, some of you are still reading regularly - thank you).

It all started with the windstorm in Red Deer - even though I hadn't actually posted anything on this blog since June 17, I was going to after our weekend together at Sylvan Lake (sometimes when Rob has time off work, I get busy with things like cooking and whatnot which explains why I didn't post on Monday last week).

On Tuesday, June 20, I was ready to post except for 1 thing - Red Deer was having a tornado! We were just getting ready to sit down for dinner, and thankfully our windows were open so we could immediately be alerted to the imminent danger - we both heard a giant 'whoosh' and wind ripped through our windows and nearly removed the drapery. We looked and saw a brown cloud of dust and debris swirling right against our balcony, so we put the food in the fridge, grabbed the cell phone, put on our shoes and went down to this condo building's underground parkade to be safe. This building lost some shingles, while other buildings further North in our city had lost their entire rooftops, and a majority of Red Deer lost electricity for several days straight!

Our computer was temporarily fried (thank God everything else was okay in here when we came home). I was still able to make daily art projects and photograph them with our camera, knowing that at some point when I was back online and had free time [other than all this catching up on housework and my retail job] that I'd be sharing cute art with you lovely people again 😍

So with that being said, starting today (June 26, also my niece Ella's 7th birthday - hope it's a good one sweetie!) I'm sharing the daily #Kawaii365 projects in chronological order. There are 9 of them in total queue.

This one above is an illustration of my current mood. I feel not only hot from the 33*C humidex we have today, but also because I've been working hard at my retail job, at housework and meal prep around here, and this evening is my first real 'Daryl Day' in awhile. I've been feeling hurried trying to catch up on personal projects.
My husband Rob is so understanding when I'm like this - he knows it's nothing personal and I really appreciate that. As an ambivert, I'll come around after some time to recharge.

And below is one of the early stages of this picture - it looked funny so I wanted to share with you, the giggle ^_^

And yesterday's project was something I've been meaning to do for a very, very long time - in fact, it's actually related to June 19's art project and you'll see why soon:

I finally got my first 3 animal hybrids (other than the pineapple + owl one) uploaded to my tee shirt and accessory shop at RedBubble.com/People/KawaiiNMore

In order of left to right, they are a Dogosaur, Rabbird, and Unicat 🐈

And now for June 24's:

This one is a Dilly Bar I drew on a napkin at Dairy Queen during a date with Rob. we went there after work because they were celebrating their 50-year anniversary here with 50c items! And seriously, who doesn't love a good, cold, sweet Dilly Bar, right?

And June 23's:

I recently went through my bag of art supplies that I bought at Dollarama last July, upon starting this project. Now nearly a year later, this daily kawaii art project is nearing it's end of 365 days... so I purged some of the half-used stuff and organized the rest. I came across lots of stickers (more than I knew I had) and they inspired me to do a cosmic themed alien one.

And June 22's:

Today was day 2 of using Noah Scalin's dice idea from his book 'Unstuck'. Since I've done well over 300 of these kawaii art pieces, sometimes I do get a mental block. These dice help change my perspective and with 'red' and 'soft', I used a pipe cleaner and red paint to create a 'kiss'.

(And yes, I did use the yoga mat for actual yoga too, not just as a backdrop).

And for June 21:

Today was the first day in awhile that I decided to use the dice again - they really do come in handy, because they often show me things that were so close they were too obvious to see.

And June 20:

Hahaha, I made this one when I first went through and purged some of my art supplies, and discovered the abundance of stickers still in there! (I used some metallic pencil crayons that Rob bought for me when I took up an interest in adult coloring).

June 19 (also my 'sister' Sabrina's birthday):

As stated above in June 25's post (almost a week apart!), these 2 are related. Here's the basic design ideas (you'll notice I didn't really erase the pencil lines this time before inking, and the coloring in is just rough).

And finally June 18's post, made after mine & Rob's visit to Sylvan Lake that day (which was also Father's Day - though we're not able to have kids, we still celebrate the parental days with each other because I know he'd make an awesome father).

Wanna hear a really romantic true story?

In 2008, when Rob & I were only dating for about a month and a half, he happened to go with his family to Sylvan Lake for a day trip/weekend and I was staying over at my mum's place. He phoned me there and while we were talking, he remembers walking down the beach at Sylvan. Now in 2017, it's mostly under a couple of feet of water... but it will always be 'our beach' in some way. Because we shared a bonding connection on it, in a way.

This was one of the longest posts I've ever written, and I really appreciate your staying with me the whole way through. Just because you did that, please download and print this free coloring sheet to reward yourself:

Domo arigatou, sayanora! xoxo

Friday, 23 June 2017

Windstorm in Red Deer

Hello everyone, I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of activity on this blog in the last few days. I am working to catch up on the daily art projects and blog posts. We have unfortunately missed a Review Wednesday and a Feature Friday since the windstorm that hit our humble Alberta city on Tuesday night.

Due to a small tornado sweeping through, our computer got fried and we were without it for a little while. In a way it was good, because I was able to catch up more on housework and hobbies, as well as extra time with Rob. On the downside, a lot my income is made from art sales and commissioned work, so now I am a little poorer.

Anyway, I would like to be able to have this blog properly back up and running some time this weekend (Monday at the latest). Despite lack of internet access, I have still been making and photographing the #Kawaii365 art projects for you, and will be happy to share when there is more time.

This evening we are going on a date to Art Battle Championships, and tomorrow I work at my retail job. Thank you so much for your loyalty and patience, it means a lot 💖 😍

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Letters Around The House

Today was about discovery rather than creation.

And that sense of new perspective actually greatly motivates new ideas. This is great news because soon there will be new items in my Etsy shop and RedBubble shop. I'll share when they're live.

So if you're a regular reader of this blog, then you'll know it started by motivation from author and artist Noah Scalin, when I won a copy of his book "Unstuck" from an adult coloring event (thanks to my hubby Rob's idea). And so one of the major projects in this book is called 'Urban Alphabet'. It's where you find all 26 letters (and extras if preferred, like numbers and grammar) in your environment. I had been putting it off because I envisioned it having to be while outside. And then today it dawned on me...

I could do this around the house!!

Can you guess how long it took to photograph all these items?  (Correct guesses will get you a coloring sheet, so let us know what you think is the answer in the comments below).

And if you're curious about what each 'letter' is, then here's a list of each household item:

A - my Eiffel Tower trinket box
B - heart-shaped salt crystal lamp
C - handle to a record player
D - side of electric shaver
E - the side of our front hall table (structure)
F - a toothbrush
G - a roll of clear tape
H - close-up of an H-shaped textile
I - my husband's work tie
J - a small wall hook
K - open pair of scissors
L - hands on a clock (what good timing, haha)
M - piano keys close up
N - a skinny wooden dog figurine
O - a kawaii donut
P - part of a cordless phone bases
Q - the toilet flusher
R - Febreze can close up
S- laundry hook
T- handle of a water jug
U - little hook on back of trash can
V- lampshade
W- close-up of diffuser sticks
X - my keyboard stand
Y - side of a remote caddy
Z - my left foot (in my house sandals)

Wow - it looks like I'm obsessed with the Roman alphabet here!

So for today's #Kawaii365 project, I made the word Kawaii out of the alphabetical items pictured - this was by far one of the cooler and enveloping projects from this book. It took real effort and made me truly think from a different perspective. I got to see our home from a perspective like a visitor or young child. And the photography of totally random stuff was fun too. Aside from drawing, I also enjoy creative processes like photography and photo editing. So please enjoy:

And in other news, there's a new type of yoga sweeping the nation, and it involves baby goats! Whaaaat? It's absolutely true! I recently heard about. At first, I thought it could be scary since goats love to head-butt. But then I saw video coverage of it, and who knew it would be so cute?

Of course, baby goats themselves are super cute (with those energetic little bodies, high-pitched baa's and crazy antics) and with yoga already being very pleasurable, then this isn't surprising. Thank you for sharing this, RM Videos!

Thank you for reading here today - have a great day xoxo

Friday, 16 June 2017

Cute Comedy and New Ideas

Hello, good evening!

It's just after 8pm here in Alberta, Canada and I've been away for almost a couple of days now. I have been feeling 'under the weather' (not sure if very minor food poisoning or IBS symptoms). And after a good nap and some time resting this afternoon after work, I feel better. The Gravol helped too.

While I was thinking, I came up with some cool new ideas for wall art in my Etsy shop, as well as 2 new characters for tee designs in my RedBubble shop. You will see them come to full fruition soon ;)

In the meantime, today's #Kawaii365 project (June 16) is a quick digital sketch of me sitting in bed and having thoughts of new creative concepts. I really like hybrids and fusions...

I like hybrids in animals, hybrids between humans and animals (or humans and robots, aliens, etc.) And I like fusions in food (like Butter Chicken pizza) and in music (pop with hip-hop vocals).

Yesterday's post was missed altogether due to busy-ness and starting to feel unwell. So here also is June 15's #Kawaii365 project:

Today is also Feature Friday!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And it is a pleasure to feature Fruity Cuties, which is a comedic site filled with kawaii jokes! If you're maybe wondering, 'What are kawaii jokes?' then look here:

So silly, and yet so adorbs!! In many instances, their appearance + descriptions are a play on words, and all of them are based on various food items, not unlike yummy Shopkins!

If animation is more your thing, then you'll enjoy these funny moving puns [below]!

In addition to funny comics, holiday-themed puns, and cute animation, this Fruity Cuties site offers viewers some extra goodies, such as wallpapers.

Preview image

The above is just one of many examples!

And if you so choose, there is also hilariously charming merch. on their store here

Fruity Cuties button badges - Blueberry, Pear, Pumpkin and Lemon (This button badge set is 5 pounds UK, about 8 dollars US).

That's all the time we have for today - remember to be kind to one another, and have a great weekend! xoxo

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

More Hello Kitty Candy

Hello sweeties!

Yes I did - find even more Hello Kitty candy. That must literally be the best thing to review - it's always fun and sweet 🍓

This time it was from a trip to a convenience store to buy lotto tickets. While Rob was doing that, I perused the candy aisle (I'm 29 and still do that!) - staring back at me was a bright and cheery Hello Kitty bouncy ball, attached to a wand of candy. It was under $3 so I went for it! See the taste test in the video here:

I look 'not-so-pretty' this evening, even with a bit of makeup on, because I've been having congestion and a fever. It's likely just my Spring allergies, or maybe a cold (since I work PT in customer service and so does Rob. We contract a lot of illness from the public).

Anyway, in addition to a tasty-sweet review, I'd also like to share today's #Kawaii365 art project, which is a group of frog friends, inspired by the #OrigamiChallenge - if you'd like to make your own and share them with me, I'd be happy to share them on this blog and social media with your info [so people can see how talented you are] (✿◠‿◠)

So I made all 6 of them by practicing origami skills, and then taped a business card to each one so this project can inspire more people. Also I went to a dollar store and got some 'googly eyes' to make them more endearing and life-like. I can see this becoming a new hobby :)

Thank you for stopping by today to read here! Your love and support means a lot. If you would like to help this blog grow faster and do more (for your entertainment and inspiration), then please see the bottom of this page for the link to Patreon.

Have an awesome day!
Daryl J.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Kawaii Animals

Hello sweet friends!

Today is promising to be busy, so this will be fairly brief 😊

So this morning I worked until about 1pm, and then while I was waiting at the bus stop to go home, it was raining. Glancing at the ground, I noticed a pattern forming on the cement.

It looked like 2 dots for 'eyes' and a tiny Pikachu style nose. Though they were scientifically 'just rain drops', there was an indescribable level of cuteness - so after getting home, I elaborated a little on what was seen outside. I added to the 'nose' and added some pink cheeks.

Because the face was general, I wasn't sure what animal it would go with, so I picked 4 popular kawaii animals, as seen here (and written next to each in Kanji).

From clockwise: A puppy, a bunny, a kitty and a hamster. This was more of a study of features and drawing techniques than a finished product. Just wanted to share!

Well, have an awesome day xoxo