Sunday, 22 April 2018

Earth Day 2018

Today is the day to show our planet how much we love and appreciate it. 

Chances are, you probably already do things like recycle (that's great!) and that makes a real difference. By putting papers, plastic and aluminum in a place where they can be re-purposed, you are already helping keep literally tons of waste out of landfills. Thank you.

Other things you can do to help as well, are to:

Use less water (so don't run the tap while brushing your teeth, or take 10 minute showers).

Save on electricity. Replace standard bulbs with LED where possible, and make sure to turn off lights when you leave the room. In many cases, reserving water and electricity benefits you directly by saving you money! Yay :)

Plant a tree, or flowers, or do something to 'give back' to the Earth. 

Consider gardening your own veggies this Spring. Or help others cultivate, and learn about botany, dendrology, and other plant-based science.

Purchase items with less packaging. For instance, if you need to buy an eraser, buy one from a bin where none are wrapped in plastic.

Opt for restaurants with re-usable dishes and napkins whenever possible.

Re-purpose ice cream, margarine or other plastic food tubs to store new food.


What are some other ways you are planning to help our planet today? Let us know in the comments!

Monday, 9 April 2018

Hello Kitty Review - Again!

Hi everyone, it's been awhile again, eh?

It's nice to be back with you. 

Rob's been granted almost a month off from work so he can drain vacation pay that's racked up, and we've been travelling together. We recently went with a couple of his relatives to Las Vegas (my first time there!!)

and then most recently, we went to WEM (West Edmonton Mall) where we stayed at Fantasyland Hotel and enjoyed many fun hours at the World Waterpark, Galaxyland, Ed's Bowling, and more!

Anyhow, while we were in WEM, we stopped in at the T&T Supermarket (for fans of Asian import stuff) and got some authentic Hello Kitty stuff, which we'll be reviewing here today.

The first one is these [vanilla?] cookies. They taste similar to animal crackers but with a slightly savory or 'umami' aftertaste. I admit I cannot read the ingredients in the language (most likely Japanese, but if you recognize it in the photo, please share what it says and in what language). It's good I have no real food allergies then. This product seems it may contain nuts, egg & dairy - and wheat for sure.

The back of the box had a 'cut-out' for a 3D doll 

This is as nice as I could make it look... she's a bride!

The next runner up is this cute Hello Kitty arcade game, with tart/sour cherry candies, reminiscent of the Pac-Man games of the 1980s (brought back into popularity by Eighties Reimagined shows such as Stranger Things). Anyhow, it's not 'playable' but sure an adorable figurine!

Enlarged to show the attention to Pac-Man style details! So thoughtful!

Slightly sexual looking cherry candy ;)

And as an 'Easter egg', meant literally, Rob got for me one of those giant Kinder surprise eggs, like the one pictured here: 

See the source image

I didn't even think to photograph the one Rob got me for Easter, as it looked so yummy I just dug right into it! 

Anyhow, the 'egg' inside had a cool toy... A Hello Kitty BBQ set, and stickers too!

Yay, Hello Kitty stickers!!

She appears to be holding ice cream, and it came with a paper 'meal' for her BBQ

Anyhow, even when life is busy with travelling quality time with spouse, working, and housework... there is always time for a Hello Kitty break 😍😍

Have a great day, 
xoxo Daryl J.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Aries Horoscope - Kawaii Style

Aries (March 21-April 19) – Very few people are as energetic, confident, and as outgoing as you are. A lot of astrology books can make it sound like Aries people are constantly aggressive and confrontational, but you know this isn’t true. Being symbolic of the ram (male sheep), you’re usually in a content mood and easy to get along with. It’s just when someone provokes you or challenges you intentionally that they gotta watch out for the horns!

For the most part, you set goals for yourself and, without even trying to impress others, you tend to follow these goals until you feel satisfied. Your confidence is genuinely you – it doesn’t come from what other people think. It’s not uncommon for you to gravitate toward (and wear) the most popular power color: Red. In fact, you often choose to wear red for major life events, like job interviews and first dates. You are truly unforgettable.

When it comes to dating – even if you are a woman – you prefer to do the chasing rather than being chased. Maybe it’s because you enjoy the thrill of finally getting that sexy cutie to say yes, or maybe having too many suitors trying to call on you can get distracting from things you’d rather focus on… It’s not so much that you’re ‘easily bored’, but rather that you need something to really stimulate you (mentally, emotionally, and physically) for it to be worth your time.

Aries people make great managers and bosses. It’s not because you ‘need to be in charge’, but more that you are a natural born leader because you don’t fear the little things. In fact, it’s common for you to genuinely like and respect your staff – as long as they return those feelings and treat you well in return. You are also one of the few signs who is willing to be bluntly honest.

Best sign compatibility: People who are passionate, such as Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Taurus.

Celebs who share your sign: Mariah Carey, Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Conan O’Brien.

Colors associated with you: Red and orange – high energy gradients.

Best idea for a pet: A very energetic dog like a Jack Russell or German Shepard.

Do you love being a fabulous Aries person? Show your friends with zodiac tees and other gifts!

New: Get a typography tee shirt for your sign, from Zazzle!

Or get a traditionally kawaii one from RedBubble:

Or, if you want fridge magnets, mugs, and more, check out Etsy and deviantArt for more Aries themed stuff to enjoy!


Anyhow, hope you have an amazing Thursday today! The weekend is nice & close now.

Daryl J.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Happy World Puppetry Day (and Review Wednesday)

Hi everyone!

Boy has it been a long time since I've done regular Review Wednesdays... it's been getting super busy at my day job (retail) and I've also been doing some commission art/design projects when home.

Anyway, I had a plastic bag filled with some kawaii items (many of which were from Amazon) for later reviews. In that bag was also a small agenda for 2016/2017, to help me keep track of the semi-regular blog posts, and ironically I forgot about it.

Before we get further into today's review, I'd like to say Happy World Puppetry Day!

And just when you think this girl (points to self) couldn't get any more 'extra', back in 2014 (about a year out from decided to quit selling Avon) I did a video for my business YouTube channel where I indulged in a cat puppet from my hubby. I still own and love this puppet as if she were a real cat (since we're not supposed to have pets in our condo).

So now back to our Review Wednesday... yes, I was almost gonna do a video review with the black cat puppet, but since there's already a video of 'us', I decided to just stick a photo review today. And the item plays right into the whole cat theme...

It's a kawaii cat decorative tape pen! It can be used for scrapbooking, making a fancy letter for a friend, or even room decoration (for highly trained experts)!

How it looked when it came from Amazon

A closer look at the package; I can't detect the language but think it's Korean. If you recognize it please let us know.

Aww! I love the 3D black cat on this :)

To my surprise, it comes undone! It also goes back together.

There are 2 separate rolls of design tape, with different directions.

I used the pen n 2 different directions and 'made' a variety of cats.

Here is a kind of terrible close-up of the tape. It cut off  a little at the edge, so most of the cats are partial. 

Anyway, it's getting a little late and I've still got a $#!+-ton of cleaning to do and gotta make supper, too. Thank you for stopping to read with me today! 

Daryl J.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Review of Cute Animal Trinkets from Sunrise Records

Hi everybody!

Thank you for tuning in here today and sharing my joy about these new kawaii cuties, from Rob and from my mum for my recent birthday. I took pictures awhile ago while opening them, but it's been awhile since I'd be able to find time to film with them, too.

Please enjoy this brief and slightly awkward video above, lol. They're all too adorable not to share with someone, eh? 

Have a lovely day!

My 30th Birthday

As many of you sweet friends know, I turned 30 at the end of February! I've been dealing with mixed emotions about leaving my 20s... I am grieving the loss of what many call 'the best years of life'. I don't know how they flew by so fast!

See the source image

I also am excited about entering a new decade, a new chance to be a mature, responsible and successful adult. Plus, Rob is super romantic and booked us at the Fairmont Palliser hotel in downtown Calgary, Alberta. They surprised me with delicious cake and a beautifully-decorated room!

Overall, I suppose I really don't feel overly different than I did at 29. I just feel now is the time to be more mature and responsible. I'm a legitimate adult!

Rob has now been with me for 10 of my thirty birthdays. This Hello Kitty is from when I turned 21: 

No automatic alt text available. Rob surprised me with her.

Anyhow, to commemorate entering my 3rd decade of life, I did this mixed media art project:

Every image is a snapshot of my life in that year/age. Some are digital edits of photos (many of which were either 110 film, or 35mm), and some are pencil sketches or digital illustrations. 

Although there are 30 images in total here, this project still manages to simplify my life in a way. That's kind of what I was going for - this was meant to hit the highlights. 

Thank you for reading with me here today 😍