Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Cute Bunny Sleep Mask

Yay!! When I opened the mail box downstairs and found this parcel from Kawaii Berry, I knew exactly what it was. This super kawaii pink & white, soft & plush, bunny-shaped sleep mask!

So as you see in the above video, this mask comes with a removable cooling gel packet, for people like me who suffer from puffy eyes.

Get your mask here

I'd like to apologize for the awkward quality of the video. Our living room is in a state of disarray right now because we have a pile of stuff to donate soon, but the only place I found for it not to be in our way, was on the chair by the lamp.

Also, I worked a full shift at my retail job today, then did some household errands when Rob dropped me off at home on his way to work. And, on top of that, I have some Christmassy projects coming up for my Etsy shop, DarylArt Digital. so keep an eye on that ;)

Thank you for tuning in regularly here. I will try my best to stay on top of the schedule for this blog (despite my ADHD, hehe) around the busy holiday season, and working on several other artsy projects. Please know your patronage really is appreciated, thank you.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Astrology Tee Shirts

Hello, and welcome to another sort of unusual Review Wednesday, this one for November 8th.

As you know, in 2016 while being inspired by the #Kawaii365 project, I designed 12 'cute' astrology tee shirts, both as iron-on decals available on my Etsy shop, and as full tee shirts available from RedBubble.

And they had some popularity for awhile... but 'cute' doesn't resonate with all people who would otherwise be happy to wear a zodiac sign shirt. For instance, young guys.

So in order not to discriminate against a wider audience, most recently I designed 12 more shirts, this time with typography. Though I haven't worn one of them yet (so I can't rightly review the fit or fabric), I'd like to share them with you here:

The new ones, on the right, say:

1) Aries the athletic hottie
2) Taurus the bull-sh-t detector
3) Gemini the BFF
4) Cancer the cutie
5) Leo the fabulous
6) Virgo the sexy librarian
7) Libra the social butterfly
8) Scorpio the sexpot
9) Sagittarius the free spirit
10) Capricorn the hipster hottie
11) Aquarius the cool bad@$$
12) Pisces the mermaid

The last one is because I always hated being compared to a fish. I'm a mermaid... or a dolphin... just, not a fish! 

Anyhow, I can definitely review how much work went into designing them. To be honest, I assumed because they were 'wordy' without pictures, that it would be somehow easier. I was wrong. It ended up being a multi-day project, but totally worth it! 

Once I got the brief descriptions of each sign's characteristics (or, comparisons) just right, then I played around with typography until I got the right design - simple, yet impactful.

Either the 'cute' or 'regular' designs are available at my RedBubble shop, link above. 


I'd like to apologize for the delays sometimes, in posting here. If you are a regular reader of the Kawaii365 blog, then you probably remember how active this blog was just a few months ago. When the year-long 'cute art' project ended, I began a new series of characters called Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends, and they have their own blog here - - which also keeps me fairly busy. 

It's not so much that the blog itself keeps me busy, but rather, special projects for the characters, Currently, because people were wanting to know where these guys 'live', I've been designing actual houses for them.

Also, my hubs & I would like to voice them soon, which is why I made some clay versions of them (and why I've been practicing my cartoon voices). We're going to need something 3D to hold during the video.

So, we'd love to thank you for showing loyal support of this art project, turned little family here 💖

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Scorpio Horoscope - Kawaii Style

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) – Hello there… yours is the most sensual, deep and intense of the 12 signs, and with good reason – your animal is the beautiful-but-dangerous scorpion. If people were asked to describe you, they’d probably say you’re quiet with an intense aura. So you’re either focused on keeping your secrets guarded, meeting a personal goal, or the object of your affections (if you wanted them, they’d definitely know it!)

Scorpios are often verbally quiet since childhood, but that doesn’t mean you don’t notice your surroundings, because you very much do! It’s just that other people are more interesting to observe from a distance. Sometimes you grill them with questions to find out what makes them tick. Unlike Libra, you prefer to have only a few very close friends – and they need to respect your boundaries right from the get-go. Scorpio people may have cool AF exteriors, but you also cage a sensitive heart. If someone betrays your trust, then they better watch out because you carry the sharpest sting in the zodiac.

Now, this is not to put you down or say people should be scared – you’re a very good person; a loyal friend to the end, an excellent lover (hubba, hubba) and an exciting character who tends to be drawn to the darker side of things. When you do express yourself, it fascinates others.

Some good job choices for a deep Scorpio could be song writer or professional poet, artist, or even something more ‘out there’ like an illusionist or hypnotist. When it comes to managing your own money, you have a natural penny-pinching way that helps you save and save until your retirement fund hits more digits than most can handle to look at. This is because you’re naturally cautious. And you’re terrified of financial loss. More people should think like you.

Best sign compatibility: People who can handle you – other Scorpios, Aries and Leo.

Celebs who share your sign: Scarlett Johansson, Leo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Ryan Gosling.

Colors associated with you: Deep wine red, blood red, and black.

Best idea for a pet: Something ‘creepy’ like snakes, lizards, etc.

Love being a sexy, sassy Scorpio?

Then share it!

Scorpio Tee shirt from RedBubble

Wall Art from Etsy

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Being Eleven from Stranger Things


Did you guess correctly from all my hints? I was worried that maybe I was being too obvious, esp. with this picture from my Instagram account.

If you know me in person, then you know how obsessed I recently became with the show 'Stranger Things'. It's hard to believe I haven't even BEGUN Season 2 yet.

Here's a couple of pictures of me in the Eleven costume, one of them from our date at Parkland Mall's Z98.9 Haunted House, which raised funds for the local Boys & Girls Club. The second picture, with the longer wig, was from last night (actual Halloween) when Rob & I co-hosted an event in our condo.

The original wig was slightly too short. This was Oct. 28th.

Oct. 31 in our condo lobby. Have since gotten a proper wig. 

The devil is in the details; in addition to the overall outfit (bought in various pieces from Value Village; the 'dress' was actually made from a girl's party dress and women's collared shirt), I used a pen to write 011 on my left inner wrist like the character; I used red lip gloss for the 'nosebleed' and paid tribute to her love of waffles with a smiling kawaii waffle necklace.

And if you're wondering what Rob was for Halloween, first a backstory: Sometimes when he yawns, he ends up sounding like a moose making a strange noise. It's became an inside married couple's joke, so we bought him a faux (fake) fur hat with antlers.

Sitting in our condo's lobby. His Banff shirt has a moose on it as well. 

Waiting to go into the terrifying 'haunted house' in the mall.

And this Halloween is quite special for me & Rob, being that it's our 10th one already! Our first one was in 2008, and I remember being dressed as a black kitty and we went on a ghost tour together. It was my first one and I didn't know what to expect. I cannot recall what we did for each of the years we've celebrated together... though there have been a few parties we've co-hosted, there've been nights where we've done something totally different. For instance, in 2015 we spent October 31st moving into this place (so awesome!) and the year before that, we dressed as zombies and went to an indie theatre where they showed a 1980s horror movie!

Here are pictures of us from some Halloweens past....

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing
2014, dressed as zombies for a spooky date night.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor
2016 - we hosted a party and Rob poses with his mum in our room.

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
Approx. 2012 or 2013. I dressed as Lady Gaga, and Rob ended up with a blonde wig.

No automatic alt text available.
Our 2nd Halloween (2009); gender-swap! 


And now I'd like to tell you about the Zed Haunted House, "Red Deer's most fatal attraction".

When we first went in (via the mall, in the old Sport Chek) we lined up and then got to the lobby, which was lit with black lights and spooky ambient effects. Actors in scary costumes silently glided by to instill some fear and get the 'adrenaline chills' going.

Then, after paying for our tickets, we were granted access (*gulp*) and had to go through with it. We were let in, in a group of 4 (thankfully another couple agreed to team up with us), and then we walked the vaguely lit hallways, filled with costumed 'jump scare' actors, waiting to make us scream...

Long story short, the most terrifying part of the whole 'house' was the tight tunnel. It was inflatable, and possible to 'push through', but it was so claustrophobic and dark, I thought for sure I was going to suffocate! Was this how I was going to die? Anyway, after what felt like an hour, Rob & I managed to push through (I was worried for his well-being with this tunnel as well). Anyhow, we made it through that, and then went through some mad science lab with lots of screams and 'flashes' of light, followed by a dizzying, 'moving' tunnel to escape back to the lobby! Were we really there...?

YES! We did it!!

Sorry today's Review Wednesday wasn't really 'kawaii' or cute. I just really wanted to share our Halloween fun with you guys. What did you do this year? Tell us about it in the comments!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Uh-Oh Another Belated One!

Mondays are our day to discuss what well-known and beloved cartoons constitute 'kawaii'. This doesn't only apply to ones originating from Japan, either.

Today is Tuesday, but as the old adage goes: "Better late than never!"

And so today, we're going to look at the old Charlie Brown cartoons (aka 'The Peanuts Gang')by the late & great Charles Schulz.

First, some fun facts about the comic and characters:

  • The main character of 'Peanuts', Charlie Brown, was based on the artist himself in his own childhood. He felt unpopular with peers.
  • The first 'official' strip aired in October of 1950:
  • After several years as a comic strip, the series got an animated show in the 1960s. The most popular (and quotable) one is 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. 
  • There is even an American theme park attributed to the gang of friends, called 'Knott's Berry Farm' (which was later acquired by Cedar Fair, an amusement park chain).
  • Next to Disney's 'Goofy', Snoopy is the most popular cartoon dog in American culture.

Image result for snoopy dressed as pumpkin

In 2015, the popular series was reimagined as a CGI animated movie, by Blue Sky Studios.

So now, let's look at their kawaii traits!

According to Japanese cultural references, kawaii cuteness is based on child-like innocence. This means large heads, tiny bodies & limbs, and large eyes with innocent expressions.

For the most part, these vintage cartoon children embody all of that, except their eyes - like many American cartoons, their eyes are small black dots. This isn't anti-kawaii though... as we observe characters such as Hello Kitty, or Rilakkuma. 

Image result for Hello Kitty, or Rilakkuma. 

Personally, I think the 'Peanuts' are kawaii in looks, although most of the children are kind of mean, except for Charlie's best friend Linus, and his younger sister Sally. Kawaii cuteness usually embodies kindness and caring. 

And everybody loves Snoopy!

So let us know in the comments, whether or not you think these characters are cute enough to be considered 'kawaii'. Which one is your favorite, and why? 

With Halloween creeping so close, stop to watch 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' - it's a classic cartoon! 

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Poster


And another 2 hints about my Halloween costume....

1) The voice actor who lent his vocals to the 2015 Charlie Brown is young actor Noah Schnapp, who plays 'Will Byers' in a popular sci-fi Netflix series....

2) Check out this picture of Hello Kitty in a blonde wig, via my Instagram:

Friday, 20 October 2017

A New Type of Feature This Friday

Konnichiwa (hello) lovely friends 😊

It's the evening of Friday, October 20th. It's been sort of a bad day (Rob & I both had a stressful day at work, and our dresser broke while I was putting away laundry). It feels like Friday the 13th showed up a week late, lol.

Anyway, normally there was a time that each Friday, we'd enjoy meeting someone in the kawaii community, and learning more about them and what they do. That was a really big thing here when I was doing the daily Kawaii365 art project. I'd actively get in touch with Etsy shop owners, cute YouTubers, and fellow bloggers and they'd happily get featured here.

Then, on July 10 of this year, the #Kawaii365 daily art project (inspired by Noah Scalin's "Unstuck" book which I'm still doing projects in), the project came to it's completion, and it felt like a big part of my life had changed. Was missing, even.

Now, 3 months and 10 days later, I am again in the den, enjoying the seclusion and 'zen' after a day at my retail job, and then doing housework. I'm just relaxing at the laptop, as I think of all of you - the adorable and sweet readers - and reminisce over the days when this was my regular routine.

As I look around the den here, I see the newspaper clipping on the wall from when I got featured in the Red Deer Express for this project. That felt amazing. I was also blessed to have an interview with someone from RD News Now. So awesome. A favorite Hello Kitty plushie is sat to my left, and there are many more beloved 'pets' on the shelves behind me. I look to the right and see one of my favorite colored-in pictures framed on the wall. And of course, my pride & joy - the Art Diploma I earned in 2009. I look up and see a small collection of kawaii items I've collected for reviews.

Again, I'd love to thank you all for being there, for reading, enjoying and sharing this blog. You all deserve to be featured, just for being so awesome! Feel free to drop a 'Hello' in the comments 😊

In case you are wondering, yes I still do art. Last night, Rob & I went to a local pub here called Bo's, for a night of Art Battle, in which I was one of the painters - and I made this:

It looks a little sloppy because I painted the entire thing in 20 minutes' time (that's one of the rules of participating in Art Battle; it's 3x 20-minute rounds to determine the winning painter based on audience voting). 

Being an artist is a fundamental part of who I am; when this daily kawaii art project ended, I felt truly lost for awhile, and then I began creating a new series of characters called Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends, which are 12 zany kawaii animals based on hybrids made of 2 different animals, each.

Pandaroo in a costume, feeling slightly humiliated...

And, if you love me and wish to show support of this newer endeavor, you are more than welcome to check out my Patreon page (which is like GoFundMe or Kickstarter).

And in keeping with the hints for my upcoming Halloween costume, I'd like to gently remind you guys that...

Halloween is 11days away from now...

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Reviewing Cookies and Candy

Yum, I love sweets!

So that's why our October 18th, 2017 Review Wednesday video is about A Couple of Squares cookies (yes, again) and 2 Kracie DIY Candy Kits.

Image result for kracie popin

Image result for kracie popin

Anyhow, before the 8-minute video plays below, I'd like to give a quick review of the project.

Firstly it was a pleasure to enjoy some cookies with Rob. The DIY kits however, aren't really his thing (and that's okay). I always enjoy them on some level, but alas I only ever succeeded at one of them, which was the ice cream kit I put together last year. I'd probably make that one again someday.

So I didn't end up tasting them after all - they looked pretty awful when I was done, but they did smell really nice & fruity, like Kool-Aid mix (boy does that bring back memories!).

Without further ado, here is the video of our taste test (cookies) and my attempt at Kracie Popin DIY candy hahaha, lol.


And with Halloween around the corner...

Let's take a look at these adorable Zoo'd characters in their costumes!